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RedHat XF86 problems

Karl M Hergenrother wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

 KMH> But that's not the real problem.  I am having problems with
 KMH> Xfree windows.   I have a ViewSonic 4e monitor and a generic
 KMH> ET4000 based card with 1 meg  DRAM.  I made the best guesses
 KMH> I could based on the information I had.  The  result is that
 KMH> when I start Xwindows using xinit, I get a 1/4 sized window 
 KMH> in the upper left hand corner of my screen.  When I quit
 KMH> Xwindows using  Ctl/Alt/BS, the character screen is very
 KMH> dim.  I started to reconfigure  using XF86config, but the
 KMH> questions were daunting, so I quit.  If anyone has  any
 KMH> suggestions, contact me offline so as not to bore the rest
 KMH> of the list  with my special problems.

I have a feeling that you are tripped up by the distinction between the ET4000
and the ET4000/AX?  Can you look at the chip itself and see if it is an AX? 
The AX is supported from the SVGA driver, not the W32 driver or whichever it is
that supports the standard ET4000.  The AX variant was popular in a number of
machines for cheap video, especially when built onto the motherboard.
-- Mike

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