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Media-One Express, IP Masquerading

>1)  Anyone have any good/bad experiences in dealing with Media-One's
>    Internet service?

I'm an m1x subscriber and my only machine is a directly-connected
Linux box.  Linux is officially NOT supported, so it was a little
rough in the beginning, but things have settled out pretty well
for me now.  I regard it as expensive but I stay subscribed
because I'm addicted.

If a customer calls the m1x 800 number for Customer Service they
should be prepared for a VERY long wait, though the calibre of the
tech staffers is mostly OK, once you're finally connected to one.
But IMO, the most important technical resource available from m1x
by far is the collection of private m1x-specific newsgroups they
maintain on their NNTP server, particularly the techtalk groups:

>2)  Has anyone attempted to IP-masquerade a linux and win95 machine onto
>    Media-One's service?  I'm guessing that a NIC in each box and a
>    concentrator would do it, or would I have to go to 3 cards?

This is perhaps the most FAQ and the answers are well understood.

See Rob Raisch's FAQ lists at: which he further mentions:

   There is an excellent Linux/MediaOne Express FAQ written by Robert
   L. Ziegler that explains in precise detail what you need to
   configure to set your Linux computer up as a IP masquerading router.
   It is located at:

   You might also find "How to setup Linux as DHCP client" by Vladimir
   Vuksan, <mailto:vuksan at> valuable.  It can be found at:

 Michael O'Donnell     mod at

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