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Media-One Express, IP Masquerading

On 10 Feb 98 at 11:55, Sean wrote:

> Hi,
> My housemates and I are looking to get a cable modem hookup from
> Media-One.  Two questions:
> 1)  Anyone have any good/bad experiences in dealing with Media-One's
>     Internet service?
> 2)  Has anyone attempted to IP-masquerade a linux and win95 machine onto
>     Media-One's service?  I'm guessing that a NIC in each box and a
>     concentrator would do it, or would I have to go to 3 cards?
I have not done this personally, but I have Mediaone, and I do 
monotor the various M1X newsgroups. There are quite a few people who 
are using various network configurations on Mediaone. First, you can 
use either the Linux or Windows95 system as the host. You would need 
to have a NIC for the cable modem as well as a separate NIC for your 
internal network. 

There is also several FAQs maintained on using a LAN with a cable 
modem. If I dont see those URLs posted by the time I get home 
tonight, I'll post them.
Gerald A. Feldman <gaf at>
home:gaf at

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