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Media-One Express, IP Masquerading

It is important to read the MediaOne contract carefully.  I don't have
MediaOne Internet service because the contract states that you can only
hook up one machine.  My understanding is that if you IP Masquarade you are
not within the terms of the contract.  Furthermore, if you tell the
MediaOne people that A) you have a network or B) you are running Linux, I
was told they won't even come to your house to setup the service.  I also
understand that for the MediaOne people to setup the service you have to
have Win95 (or maybe a Mac?).  So I would read the papers they have
carefully to make sure that you don't get yourself into any trouble.


At 01:01 PM 2/10/98 -0500, Jerry Feldman wrote:
>On 10 Feb 98 at 11:55, Sean wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My housemates and I are looking to get a cable modem hookup from
>> Media-One.  Two questions:
>> 1)  Anyone have any good/bad experiences in dealing with Media-One's
>>     Internet service?
>> 2)  Has anyone attempted to IP-masquerade a linux and win95 machine onto
>>     Media-One's service?  I'm guessing that a NIC in each box and a
>>     concentrator would do it, or would I have to go to 3 cards?
>I have not done this personally, but I have Mediaone, and I do 
>monotor the various M1X newsgroups. There are quite a few people who 
>are using various network configurations on Mediaone. First, you can 
>use either the Linux or Windows95 system as the host. You would need 
>to have a NIC for the cable modem as well as a separate NIC for your 
>internal network. 
>There is also several FAQs maintained on using a LAN with a cable 
>modem. If I dont see those URLs posted by the time I get home 
>tonight, I'll post them.
>Gerald A. Feldman <gaf at>
>home:gaf at
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