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Media-One Express, IP Masquerading

On 10 Feb 98 at 15:15, Sheldon Dubrowin wrote:

> It is important to read the MediaOne contract carefully.  I don't have
> MediaOne Internet service because the contract states that you can only
> hook up one machine.  My understanding is that if you IP Masquarade you are
> not within the terms of the contract.  Furthermore, if you tell the
> MediaOne people that A) you have a network or B) you are running Linux, I
> was told they won't even come to your house to setup the service.  I also
> understand that for the MediaOne people to setup the service you have to
> have Win95 (or maybe a Mac?).  So I would read the papers they have
> carefully to make sure that you don't get yourself into any trouble.
Not only have I read the contract, I checked with them.
There are a large number of users in this area with Mediaone who have 
internal networks. I have been a Mediaone subscriber since November, 
1996. I had a network in place when I installed M1X. The M1X (then 
Highway1) people did not disconect my LAN.  If one follows the M1X 
news groups, not only is the LANS and Linux news groups very busy, 
Mediaone employees also post to those news groups. 
The few times I have had cable modem problems, the M1X people always 
ask if I have a LAN because if the cable modem is on a segment with 
more than 1 system, when it renews the IP address, it can pick up the 
Mac address of the wrong NIC. This has happened to me on occasion 
when my computer crashed or was down for a period of time. 

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