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Palm Pilot as Terminal

As the first step of trying to use my new Palm V as a portable terminal, I
installed a shareware terminal emulation program named Online.  Using the
Palm cradle directly attached to the serial port on my RH 6.1 Linux box, I
used cu to write back and forth between the two machines.  This worked
reasonably well after setting both sides to local echo although cu printed
^M instead of moving to a new line.

Then to actually login to the Linux box I added:

        S0:2345:respawn:/sbin/mgetty -r -s 38400 ttyS0

to my /etc/inittab file.  I put Online online and entered a carriage
return and got the Linux login prompt.  I entered my name and a carriage
return but never got the password prompt.  The /var/log/mgetty.log.ttyS0
file shows:

06/03 16:50:03 yS0  mgetty: experimental test release 1.1.21-Jul24
06/03 16:50:03 yS0  check for lockfiles
06/03 16:50:03 yS0  locking the line
06/03 16:50:04 yS0  WARNING: DSR is off - modem turned off or bad cable?
06/03 16:50:04 yS0  waiting...
06/03 16:53:24 yS0  WARNING: starting login while DCD is low!
06/03 16:53:24 ##### data dev=ttyS0, pid=20310, caller='none',
conn='DIRECT', name='', cmd='/bin/login', user='frank'

06/03 16:54:24 yS0  mgetty: experimental test release 1.1.21-Jul24
06/03 16:54:24 yS0  check for lockfiles
06/03 16:54:24 yS0  locking the line
06/03 16:54:25 yS0  waiting...

Login apparently timed out after 60 seconds and mgetty restarted.

Any ideas on why login is not sending the password prompt?

P.S.  I have been having problems configuring Pine so please excuse me if
this is a duplicate (or triplicate) post.

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