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more problems

pblm 1:
  i've recently upgraded to rh6.2 and find that things somehow
  i type "set -o vi" and it still doesn't take!!
  i launch a new bash shell, type "set -o vi" and all is as it
  to be.  hmmm!

  what's going on?

... I only remember using this when I shell to use KSH as by
shell.  You might check your default shell.

  i must confess, after more years than you want to know about, i
  still don't understand the tty devices.  i have been running ppp
  (though now i'm switching to an rcn cable modem which seems to
  work fine, with pmfirewall) and getting my mail with my local
  Mail::Pop3Client perl script for three years now.  when i send a
  fax using efax, depending on i don't know what, my ppp-on script
  no longer works.  going in with cu (old standby) an atd###-####
  results in "got hangup".  then sometimes, with cu i can do
  and it's fixed.  but sometimes, i need to halt, power down, and
  reboot to get things working normally again.  since i upgraded
  rh6.2, i don't even need to run efax to get screwed up.

  what's going on?  there is so much i don't understand.


Lots of luck on the last one ...  ... My DSL works fine, and I
have never played
with efax (yet :)

... JC

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