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LILO and Red Hat Linux 6.2 Kernal

Ming Chow wrote:
> I have FINALLY installed Red Hat 6.2 on my PC.  However, two versions of the
> kernal were installed vmlinuz.... regular and vmlinuz...of some SMB version.
>   The regular version works on my machine, but the SMB version give me
> kernel panics.  What is this kernal, and what does SMB stand for?

You probably meant "SMP", not "SMB". SMP means Symmetrical Multi
Processing. In plain English, it's a kernel for a system with
more than one CPU. Using the standard kernel rather than the one
with SMP support is the right thing to do on a single-processor
system, which is almost certainly what you have.

SMB stands for Server Message Blocks. It's a network protocol
used by Microsoft Windows, and by the samba package for Linux. It
doesn't seem likely to be relevant to your current problem.

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