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KDE feedback popup?

I've been experimenting with the KDE window manager, and there's  one
thing  I  haven't been able to find anywhere.  Most of the wms have a
little popup "geometry feedback" (or whatever it's called)  windowlet
that appears while you resize a window, showing you the current size.
It's real handy if, for example, you want an xterm that is  95x50  or
some  other  specific  shape.  So far, I haven't found any such thing
with KDE, and no clue that it's even possible.  Does anyone know?

One thing I've noticed is that the various wms all seem  to  call  it
something  different,  and  hide it in completely different places in
their config stuff.  And most of them have  it  off  by  default,  of
course.   So it's possible that I just haven't guessed what KDE calls
it, or where they might have hidden its on/off flag.  I've looked  up
some  of  the  more likely keywords in the help search window, but no
clues seem to pop out.

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