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Wintel Modems on Linux

>you want Linux to use a Winmodem? ... sofar the answer is
>... suck it up and go buy a real modem ...
>Yea, it is crude, but it is real. ... Sorry to deliver the bad
>news, but get a real (not WIN modem) and it will work well.

Does anyone have the URL for the page titled "WINmodems are not 
modems"?  That might be more useful to the original poster.

Just in case not....

A "WINmodem" is not a complete modem.  It's not the same as an 
internal modem either.  It's only enough hardware to interface with 
the phone system.  The modem functions are performed by the computer 
it's plugged into.  This is why people have more problems with them: 
they use the processing power of the host computer instead of their 
own, like a true modem does.

In reality, I think WINmodems are misnamed.  They should be called 
"LOSEmodems".  Or, really, just "loses".  If you can at all afford to 
replace your WINmodem with a regular internal modem, you'll benefit 
all the way around (compatibility, speed, reliability, able to work 
with non-Windows operating systems).  Replacement of the "modem" is 
very strongly recommended.

Note: any scorn you've detected on this topic is not aimed at you but 
at the "modem".  Honest.
Howard S Shubs                                      The Denim Adept
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