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Serial Port networking

> > 
> > Don't you want the PPP Howto?
> > 
> > Or just try the man page for pppd.
> > 
> I was hoping for a site that has examples, I have a difficult time with
> man pages. :(
> Maybe if I explain what I'm trying to do it will help.
> I have an old laptop that has a tendancy to fry PCMCIA cards,
> so it would be too expensive to buy a new network card every
> week or so.  What I want to do is set up a null-modem cable
> between my laptop and desktop.  I want it to run standard TCP-IP so I can
> do things like keep helix-gnome up to date, transfer files, test network
> applications, etc.
> 				-fjr

I did this when I was checking out a firewall at home.  You still use pppd.
Just skip the chat script.  You can even start pppd manually.  I had a login
script set up.  I think I used RedHat's netcfg to set up the 'caller' end.

Unfortunately that configuration is long gone.  I'd have to read the 
man page for pppd again   ;-)

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