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OpenBSD 2.7 for Mac68K

    I have installed OpenBSD v2.7 on a 1.2G drive in a Mac Quadra 800
(reputed to be fully compatible). The root and usr are in a single A/UX
partition with a separate 64MB swap partition plus the 120MB MacOS
partition, so space is not an issue (BSD has over 1 gig of open space).

    I used Silverlining to make the partitions and then the MakeFS from
the Mac partition without a problem (although it or the install program
had problems recognizing SCSI id 5 which is the Zip drive with the
archives on it). Loading the entire file set onto the partition also
occurred without obvious problems.

    Booter will not boot up the kernel because it can't find the
partition and files. This does and yet does not appear to be one of the
common problems listed in the help section because it does not seem to
accept the partition and directory names I enter. Before I go any
further, does anyone have experience with OpenBSD, especially on a Mac,
and does any of this sound familiar? If so, I'll try booting up the
machine tonight and see if I can gather more information on my problem.

    If this may be an issue with the format choice in the original
partitioning I can always reinitialize the BSD partitions and reload the
software. Input please!!!

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