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a though...

While rebooting the laptop I got at work for the 10th time today (installing
software on Windows is such an adventure).  I found myself wondering if anyone
was producing a thin distribution of Linux  designed (and optimized) to act
only as a host to VMWare.  It seems that a distribution like this, with a good
configuration tool (both for Linux and the VMs) would be a very good thing.

Obviously this would not be something for most home users, but I think there
might be compelling reasons to buy one really powerful system.  By way of an
example:  If you are building (x86 based) servers your likely to be buying Dual
Xenon(1) systems.  Well if you could buy 1 8-way Xenon system in place of 4
dual Xenon systems it would probably save a considerable amount of money.  Not
to mention the space savings (always an issue in the computer room) and
stability, _if_ a server crashes you don't have to cycle the machine, only the
VM.  Of course you would start to run into things like the 4 gig memory limit
with the 32bit architecture but I think it is an interesting concept.

I only mention it to see what other people think.

1 - I know that VMWare only supports 1 CPU per VM right now, this is just


Frank J. Ramsay
fjr at

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