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Damned color xterms ...

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000, John Chambers wrote:

> A number of recent linuces seem to  have  the  color  xterm
> substituted  for  the  old two-color xterm.  The inevitable
> result is that, no matter what background color I  seem  to
> use,  some  programs seem to be very good at finding colors
> that are unreadable.
> Is there any known way to override the colors text of  such
> programs,  and force them to use only the foreground color?
> Any chance this is documented somewhere? The xterm man page
> on  this  machine  doesn't seem to mention the subject (and
> most of the other machines hereabouts don't  even  seem  to
> have an xterm man page).

I believe that if you set the TERM variable to "vt100" instead of "xterm",
you'll be all set.

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