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Damned color xterms ...

	 Thankfully, ls accepts the option

Yeah, but the command:
	 top --color=no
just gives the error message:
	top: Unknown argument `o'
and top is one of the bad examples that forces a color that's in poor
contrast with a dark background.

In general, the solution probably lies with telling xterm to  not  do
colors.    A   simple   test  shows  that  "xterm  --color=no"  fails
spectacularly.  And I wonder why most of the machines don't  seem  to
have a "man xterm" page.  I've noticed this before, though I've found
it on a few machines.

The trouble with finding out how to suppress the colorizing for  each
individual  command  is that there are zillions of commands, and each
probably has its own idiosyncratic  option  for  controlling  colors.
This could be a *lot* of work.

Maybe  I just need to find the source to the old, dumb xterm, and put
it into the libraries on the machines that I use.  It'd  probably  be
less work than learning how to suppress colorizing in each individual

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