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PPPoE and BellAtlantic

Hey folks, since I had such great response here before, leading to me 
having my in-house network wired via my 7.1 dsl connection behind a linux 
firewall, I figured I'd throw this latest problem out and see if others had 
experienced the same problems.

The page -

Perfectly walked me through setting up my linux box to use PPPoE with 
little trouble. The problems came about when I started to monitor the 
actual bandwidth I was getting. average was about 80kb, which is most 
certainly NOT 7.1M.  So I called Bell and after hours of going around with 
their tech support, the guy finally said to me "Look, just try this." and 
so we went to my windows box, set it up the way they expect it to be set up 
(Microsoft VPN drivers, et all), and suddenly, this lone windows box is 
getting 2.5M -4.5M downloads. (still not quite the 7.1, but I need to tweak 
some on the MTU and the registry settings)

So it would appear that I need to do some serious tweaking in linux to get 
the speeds that my windows box can attain. Tech support adequately showed 
me that it was a limitation of the box itself, not a problem on their end, 
so now I'm left wondering if anyone out there had this same problem and has 
some leads on tweaks to get my linux gateway back up and running with the 
same sort of bandwidth my windows box is getting. I'd hate (you have no 
idea how much I'd hate) to have to run a windows gateway software package, 
but so far I've not found much in the "tweaks" department for PPPoE in 
linux for this sort of a I am not sure what other options I'll 
have. I'm not paying for 7.1M service just to be getting 56k dialup speeds. :o)

Any advice, pointers, whatever, welcome.


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