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porting linux on a wintel machine

> I need assurance that Linux and Windows 98 can
> co-exist on the same hard disk.

   I assure you (he says wondering what good that is:-).

   Seriously, GNU/Linux and Win98 can live on the same disk.  Huge numbers
of people run that way.

   The only possible problem you might have is that Win98 will clobber the
Master Boot Record and you'll lose the ability to boot GNU/Linux from the
hard drive.  In that case, you simply boot from a GNU/Linux emergency
floppy, and rerun LILO which puts the MBR back to normal.

> I gather you have to partition the hard
> disk for this to happen.

   There are distributions of GNU/Linux that will run from a Windows FAT
file system, but IMHO you don't want to run that way.  It's far, far better
(and also faster) to run GNU/Linux from a native partition.

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