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Apache Question (#include end_of_rope.h)

All- i know this is slightly offtopic, but I am at the end of my rope here:

I have an extremely esoteric Apache issue, and I was hoping to track down a
possible solution. If I could enlist your help, i would appreciate it. The
problem is below:

	I have a module that supports file type .xxx This module has the
ability to hand the translation of type .xxx to a remote server (allowing me
to place the file type translator on a separate server for
security/performance reasons). Now, the problem is, is that Apache, before
it will pass the request to the handler/translator, it first checks to see
if the file exists on the local disk. This is a problem, because it forces
me to populate the files (say, across both the main webserver and
the server that handles translation for example:

user A request file

Now, apache accepts the request, and searches the local disk for,
when it finds, it passes the translation onto
which in turn opens a connection to port 9999 on server B and has the file (which exists on server B physically) translated, and passed back to
the first server, apache then gives user A the requested, translated file.

What I need to cut out, is the first Apache server's actual file system
check, in other words, it does not search the local disk for file type .XXX,
instead, it immediately throw the request directly to the module, which
parses the second server.

now, i do not know of this is an Apache directive, or a module compilation
option, but any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Jesse Noller
Email: jnoller at
Phone: (617) 252-5847

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