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shut off sendmail masquerade for specific host

I have two machines running sendmail.  One is the primary mail server. 
It masquerades all mail as being from our domain - i.e. ->  However, I don't want the
other host running sendmail to be masqueraded.  How do I do this?  I'd
rather say "masquerade everything except this one", rather than "don't
masquerade anything except all the machines in this (long) list".

I'm also having trouble getting my primary mail server to relay mail for
the other host.  (Call the primary host 'A', and my other host 'B').  I
can send mail out from 'B' to the rest of the world just fine, except
that it gets masqueraded.  I can't send anything to machine 'B',
though.  If I try to send something to user at via host
'A', I'm told the user doesn't exist, although they most certainly do. 
I'm guessing this may be related to the masquerading issue.

This is all so I can run mailman on the same machine running our web
server.  I suppose I could set up mailman on the primary mail server,
and NFS mount the directory where I want the mailman stuff to go.  That
would also make it easier for my to set up my list addresses to omit the
hostname.  E.g. - listname at vs.
listname at  I think.

Ron Peterson
rpeterson at
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