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java on linux

Since our shop is moving towards java as the development
language of choice; I need to come up with the right tools
for the linux platform.

What jdk and jre?

ibm jdk & jre 1.1.8 for linux
sun's java 2 jdk and jre?
Visual age for linux? (I know Visual anything - eccchhh!)

I would prefer using open-source software. If it is as good or close to
the best commercial binary software and the code will run in other 
environments on other platforms (eg NT, solaris, aix), then that is my 

Also if I want to have different jdk's and jre's living on the same 
system for testing purposes, how difficult? Anyone have any experience 
with this?

I would appreciate any and all feedback, comments, anyone has to offer
on or off line.


Tom Guilderson
Applied Technology Team
CVS Pharmacy
mailto:TWGuilderson at

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