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OpenSSH, SFTP, and NT

>>>>> "SD" == Sheldon Dubrowin <dubrowin at> writes:

  SD> Easy to get working, easy to use, and very powerful.  Oh, and
  SD> it's secure.  Is there a downside?

The problem for us is that many of our users expect to be able to move
files (such as their website) easily back and forth between their
desktop and out server.  We have ftp disabled (in fact, there are
currently no plain-text connections to our server allowed) but when
students return in september, it is only a matter of time before
people start whining.  Teaching these people to use the command line
scp to move files around is almost a lost cause, but it is what our
FAQ suggests.  Also, ftp allows you to connect to a server, move
around, find the file you want, and then grab it.  Admittedly, you
could ssh to a machine, find the file, and then run scp, but the ftp
connection is "simpler".  Also, is there an scp program available for
the macintosh?  Penn provides SecureCRT for student use, but the
current version that Penn provides does not support sftp.


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