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Linksys PCMCIA 10/100 card

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Jerry Feldman wrote:

> In doing a benchmark on my home network through a 10/100 full duplex 
> switch, it appears that I am only getting half duplex 10Mbps between my 
> desktop machine and my laptop. Both have 100M cards. I am currently 
> suspecting the PCMCIA card is running at 1/2 duplex 10. The card in my 
> desktop is also a Linksys running with the latest tulip driver, which, when 
> loaded, is set to full duplex 100M. I have not been able to find the 
> appropriate parameters to get the pnet_cs driver for the PCMCIA to force 
> the 100M speeds. 
> BTW: The switch shows both cards as 100M full duplex. 

Non-CardBus PCMCIA cards won't really do any better than 10BaseT speed,
even if they are 10/100 cards, due to bandwidth limitations of the PCMCIA
bus. You didn't mention what model of card you were using on the laptop,
so I can't be certain if that is your problem.

I use a NetGear CardBus card in my Dell laptop (the one I'm sitting at
right now), and I do get higher speeds. I've had FTP run from my desktop
system to the laptop at about 3MB/second, and I suspect it would go faster
if I had better disks in the computers.

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