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fonts with netscape on SCO

I just downloaded the latest version of netscape, 4.74, from the
netscape ftp site for SCO OpenServer 5.  It installed fine, but I can't
run it.  when I run the netscape executable I get the folowing error

	no recognized font charsets!

I have gone to the SCO and Netscape web sites to see if I could find any
info about this.  Does anyone know if this is caused by Netscape not
knowing where to find the fonts, or is it more likely that I don't have
the correct fonts installed on my system?  Do I need to set an
environemental variable?  

Currently the SCO OSR5 systems have version 3 of Netscape which has some
definite problems, as well as most sites today expect a version 4.x web
browser to be viewed properly.  The OSR5 systems will likely be around
for a while before being converted, so I need to provide the users with
a more recent browser.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know. 

Tom Guilderson
Applied Technology Team
CVS Pharmacy
mailto:TWGuilderson at
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