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Richard Stallman on the Screen Savers...

Christoph Doerbeck A242369 wrote:
> Instead of repeating what he said, I'm curious to know what
> those of you familiar with Richard's GNU philosophy, think about
> his principles and opinions?

I saw him at the Cambridge Forum this summer (it was on the same night
as a BLU meeting, in fact).  Let me digress.  I don't mean to sound
disrespectful, but seeing Richard speak made me worry about his health. 
His responsibilities and devotion seem to be taking their toll.  The
history of the free software foundation is exciting.  What's more, we
can look forward to it's aspirations for the future.

It never seems like there's enough time to excercise, etc.  I fall off
the wagon myself all the time.  But every time I manage to get myself
into my running shoes, and get myself back into shape, I'm amazed at how
much _more_ energy and time I seem to have.

A little off topic, I suppose.  Go eat a banana, take the stairs, or
whatever.  Just be well.


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