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Richard Stallman on the Screen Savers...

> Instead of repeating what he said, I'm curious to know what
> those of you familiar with Richard's GNU philosophy, think about
> his principles and opinions?

Surely this is an invitation to a flamefest.

Insofar as the philosophy of RMS is codified by the GPL, I agree.
Insofar as there is something morally deficient about not being
willing to share, I disagree.  Compel me to part with the fruits of my
labors by terms other than those to which I willingly agree on my own
is to make of me a slave.

I generally do not require the RMS rationalization for free software
to be an open source partisan, the ESR formulation (open source makes
better software) is sufficient.

All that being said I am deeply grateful to the hard work of Richard


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