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More on display problem with RH7.1

I've narrowed it down to the XFree86 drivers that are boxed with RH7.1 
are faulty in a big way.

Selecting the AGP driver for the ATI Radeon and attempting to startx 
will bring the entire box to a halt.  i tried installing again and once 
again - with the correct video configuration, the monitor loses signal, 
but the box itself does not power down.  however, after pinging the box 
from another machine on my lan - it appears as though it bimbs the 
entire machine (and yes, my lan IS working)

Xfree86's web site has been down, so i don't know if there is a newer 
release than the one boxed with Rh7.1

any help would eb much appreciated.  VGA16 works just dandy - but it's 
ugly as sin.  and as i noted earlier, the graphical setup works fine - 
so i am unsure as to why X would kill the box like that.  i would 
assume the anaconda config would detect the correct video card and use 
the correct drvers for that.


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