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More on display problem with RH7.1

> I've narrowed it down to the XFree86 drivers that are boxed with RH7.1
> are faulty in a big way.

I'm gonna have to disagree with you in a big way there, chief, X 4.0.3
is well-tested, and there have been no big bugs shown in testing
RedHat's packaging of it.

> Selecting the AGP driver for the ATI Radeon and attempting to startx
> will bring the entire box to a halt.  i tried installing again and once
> again - with the correct video configuration, the monitor loses signal,
> but the box itself does not power down.  however, after pinging the box
> from another machine on my lan - it appears as though it bimbs the
> entire machine (and yes, my lan IS working)

So why are you using the AGP driver?  AGPgart has been fubared in the
kernel for the past couple of 2.4 releases under certain cards.  You
don't need it, just forget about it.

> Xfree86's web site has been down, so i don't know if there is a newer
> release than the one boxed with Rh7.1

Nope. =)

> any help would eb much appreciated.  VGA16 works just dandy - but it's
> ugly as sin.  and as i noted earlier, the graphical setup works fine -
> so i am unsure as to why X would kill the box like that.  i would
> assume the anaconda config would detect the correct video card and use
> the correct drvers for that.

There's nothing that says you need AGP support to run X 4 with any
card.  Some cards have performance advantages to using it (GeForce 2
GTSs are pretty slick, though I use nVidia's AGP support and not the
kernel's).  I certainly haven't used every card out there, so I guess
someone could have tied AGP support into an X server module as being
required by it, in which case I'd say recompile with the 2.4.5-pre1

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