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>I've just gotten the last, no-denying-it denial of ADSL service for
>my house, so I've signed up for RoadRunner.
>I'm going to search the archives, but I've some questions that might
>not be there.  All advice welcome, of course.
>1. What cable modems will work with RoadRunner? The AT&T salesman gave me a
>list of manufacturers, but said he didn't have any model numbers, so I need
>any info I can get.  Since they charge $10 less/month if I
>supply the modem, this is really important to me.

I have the Roadrunner serveice, and they supplied me with the 3com grey 
"shark fin" modem.  It seems to be really good.  The only problem I had was 
when their server crashed one night.  Other than that, I have truly enjoyed 
the service.

>2. Is there a FAQ or HOWTO specific to the MediaOne/AT&T setup? I'm
>going to put a Linux firewall in front of the RR modem, and I want to get 
>right the first time.

Not sure about the FAQ, but what I did was buy a router( Netgear for 
instance) and ran a 10/100 hub off the 10/100 switch built into the router.  
I get an IP from the router using DHCP. (FYI, I am running Red Hat 7.1)  I 
have not had a problem.  Just be sure to call AT&T and give them the MAC 
address of your router.  I had a problem with that.  Their system wouldn't 
give the router the IP after a while.  Since then, I have had not problem.

>3. Do they block any ports? I'm going to have a VPN for work-at-home, so
>this is a big concern to me.

I have had no problems whatsoever with blocked ports.  You would have to ask 
them about that.

>4. What are the actual speeds users can expect?

It varies depending on the site you go to.  I downloaded a file from 
Micro$oft ( I know, I know ) and I was steady at 197k/sec on the download.  
But, when I went to IBM to download a BIOS patch for a laptop, I was steady 
at 367k/sec throughout the download.  I have also talked to some other 
people who have gotten the same speeds off the same sites, so it is no 

Good luck with it!  I like it!!!


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