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From: "William Warren" <malassimilation at>
> 1. What cable modems will work with RoadRunner? The AT&T salesman gave me
> list of manufacturers, but said he didn't have any model numbers, so I
> any info I can get.  Since they charge $10 less/month if I
> supply the modem, this is really important to me.

As long as you have a DOCSIS compliant modem - there should be NO issue as
to the vendor/model.

> 2. Is there a FAQ or HOWTO specific to the MediaOne/AT&T setup? I'm
> going to put a Linux firewall in front of the RR modem, and I want to get
> right the first time.

The FAQ's in existence are from days long-gone when setting up your Linux
box on a Cable modem meant hours of excruciating enjoyment..  My RH 7 & 7.1
Installations went perfectly and were assigned (via DHCP) an address as soon
as the modem was setup.

As with any firewall - block everything initially and only open that which
you need to function.  Allow return traffic on ports > 1024 and for remote
access I'd highly recommend SSH.

> 3. Do they block any ports? I'm going to have a VPN for work-at-home, so
> this is a big concern to me.

M1/RR blocks 135,137,139 to protect the masses from improperly configured
Windows boxes.  You can ask them to allow this traffic through if you
require those ports - it shouldn't matter either way unless you have some
business need.

> 4. What are the actual speeds users can expect?

I get 173K downstream (basically T1 speeds with compression) and 300K
Upstream.  Performace can/will vary depending on congestion in your

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