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Slightly OT : Getting rid of geek books

Hi all,

Thought somebody on this list might know an answer to this one.  I'm moving 
shortly, and want to prune out my library.  I've got a stack of paperbacks
that I want to donate (or sell cheap someplace) rather than cart to the new
place.  Standard geek fare, including a selection of Heinlein, Pratchett,
Vonnegut, Card, Asimov, some King and Crichton, etc...   (I'm keeping the 
Tolkien, Adams, and my favorite Heinleins :)).  Call it about 50 books total,
thus far.

Anybody know what I should do with them?  It's not really worth it to me to 
put them all on ebay.  I just want to do something besides throw them out, I 
hate throwing out books.  Do donation places like Big Brother/Sister take 
I don't even know.  Something like that would be best.  Second best would be
someplace I can take the whole box and just leave it (or possibly get a few 
bucks for it.  That's not high on the priority list but why turn down money?)

In case it's relevant, I live in Quincy.  I suppose I could lug the box into 
work (Boston's financial district) if it helped.



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