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Slightly OT : Getting rid of geek books

I know in my town the Friends of the Library take books that they resell 
twice a year to raise money for the library.  Also, the library has a Swap 
Rack where you can put books you're done with, in exchange for other 
books.  As far as I know on that, though, there's nothing forcing you to 
take a book.

Of course, if the library doesn't have the books in their stacks, you 
could donate them direct to the library.


Duane Morin said:
>Hi all,
>Thought somebody on this list might know an answer to this one.  I'm 
>shortly, and want to prune out my library.  I've got a stack of paperbacks
>that I want to donate (or sell cheap someplace) rather than cart to the 
>place.  Standard geek fare, including a selection of Heinlein, Pratchett,
>Vonnegut, Card, Asimov, some King and Crichton, etc...   (I'm keeping the 
>Tolkien, Adams, and my favorite Heinleins :)).  Call it about 50 books 
>thus far.
>Anybody know what I should do with them?  It's not really worth it to me 
>put them all on ebay.  I just want to do something besides throw them 
out, I
>hate throwing out books.  Do donation places like Big Brother/Sister take 
>I don't even know.  Something like that would be best.  Second best would 
>someplace I can take the whole box and just leave it (or possibly get a 
>bucks for it.  That's not high on the priority list but why turn down 
>In case it's relevant, I live in Quincy.  I suppose I could lug the box 
>work (Boston's financial district) if it helped.
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