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Pricing old server hardware

Another approach for pricing used hardware: compare with new.  

Figure out what makes your computer useful to someone, figure out what
what new computer s/he would not have to buy if s/he bought yours, and
price that.  Then, start deducting: for age, condition, feature
mismatches, limitations in future expandibility, lack of warranty and
new computer smell, etc.

If you have some good feature that is no longer available, consider
holding the price a little for that--but only if you can find someone
who wants that feature.

This is not to say that looking at other used computers is wrong, for
you still have to find a buyer.

I have bought three computers of late, all new.  Two for thin servers
are "New Internet Computers" ( because they are small,
quiet, low power consumption, and give off little heat.  The used
"better buys" would have been bigger, noiser, hotter, even if also
faster and more expandable.

I also bought a notebook, and new was good because used notebooks that
were actually used can be beat up and have toasted screens--plus I
wanted small again.

Used computers have to survive not only being "used" but also that new
ones keep undercutting them from all directions.

Maybe you are better off giving your old computer to charity and
getting a tax deduction.

Good luck,

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