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Problem with MediaOne's using Apache

Hi Folks,

Please respond to only the list your on or it will cause a bounce
message to the list owners mailbox for the list your not
subscribed too. Thank you.

Appearently in recent days, MediaOne migrated to Apache from
whatever they used before and this has created a minor delema for
me. I host the Massachusetts mirror site for
news.newusers.questions news group on MediaOne and when I went to
update a document on Wednesday, The file is called admin.html. I
found out from a suggestion from within the MediaOne customer
base that the admin.exe file in my private folder might be
causing this document to prompt whoever visits this document for
a user id and password. The question I have is how do I stop this
prompt from showing up without having to rename this file and
will removing the admin.exe file cause any consequence to my web
site. Also, could this be caused by a misconfigured Apache
server. I have e-mailed Chelmsford and Colorado (Corporate) but
have yet to get any response. Not even an auto-acknowledgement
that my message has been received. 

Hopefully later this summer, I will be getting a G4 Mac and setup
Apache under Free BSD part of the O/S and will setup home web
hosting on my MediaOne connection.Since whatever MediaOne used
was unix based before, I will assume for discussion that the
Apache server is also run on top of unix. The problem lies with
just this admin.html. When I updated the mirror with other
documents on Tuesday, this was not an issue.  

Thank you for any insite anyone can provide.

Brian Bay <owner-macwoburn at>
NNQ Massachusetts USA Mirror:
AIM: BrianABay                                       ICQ: 7325144
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