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Spam Was Re: [off topic] setup

>                                                             I really
> didn't want to get into this in too much detail on this list, since
> this discussion really doesn't belong here.
> To that end, I will do something that I think is a somewhat novel
> idea; I'll set up a mail alias on my own mail server,
> language at, to continue this discussion.  I will further
> ask that if you want to banter about this subject or any of the other
> issues I raise here after this message, that you NOT reply to this
> list, but that you forward your remarks to that address instead.  If
> anyone has an interest in participating, send me e-mail, and I'll add
> you to the alias.  If this discussion ends up being somewhat long
> winded (which I doubt), I'll set up a genuine mailing list, and
> possibly even archive it.  I don't know how effective this will be in
> keeping this traffic off the list, but I'm willing to give it a try.
> But since I raised the issue here, and your response was here, I'll
> offer my rebuttal here as well.  Any future mail in this thread on
> these mailing lists will be ignored by me.  I encourage you to use the
> afforementioned e-mail address instead.

May we all learn from this how not to let our enthusiasms 
and egos trick us into spamming.  

If you think of apologizing for the placement of 
a post, think of not posting.

Speaking as fellow sinner,

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