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speech tools

How 'bout the opposite?  ;)

I've had some fun with festival
(  In fact, I've actually
put it to good use.  I pipe my mail headers into it using procmail
plus perl.  When I get new email, I get to hear a little announcement
like "You have a new message from ... with the following subject:
...".  This still doesn't prevent me from compulsively checking my
inbox, but it's a start.  Now if it would just sense whether or not
I'm sitting in front of my computer.  I suppose I could check for
login sessions, then queue until I'm actually at the console...  Yeah,


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On Sun, 17 Jun 2001, brad wrote:

> Hi,
> I read through the linux journal this month which has an
> article on getting started with speech programs (text to
> speech, and speech recognition). That has sparked my
> interest, and i'm now looking for a speech to text program
> for linux that is open source. I would like to try some
> dictation. Have any of you seen such a program for linux
> before?
> Thanks,
> --Brad

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