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please criticise simple fix for m1=>attbi transition

I am trying to deal with the mediaone==>attbi mess.
My setup is a firewall ( that forwards all
mail to a "smart host" behind the firewall.

In three attempts (email, phone) I have not encountered anyone at attbi
who can say whether will ==>
I am assuming not.

I went to (thanks)  and set
up a new hostname,, pointing at my
(mostly static) IP.   Things seemed to work, to first

To get email working I did the following hack - 
in on the firewall, I added a hostname so -- 


(entire domain is masqueraded)

Now mail to eg steve at gets to me. 

To fix outgoing mail to have the correct domain, I
changed on the smart host as follows:

A couple quick tests seemed to do the right thing.

Is this sufficient, or is there more to do?
It surprised me that I didn't have to change the "domain" line
in resolv.conf -- it kept being overwritten by the dhcp script
so I left it alone.

I don't run a web server - just family email and ssh.


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