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ink cartridge refills

i've used ink refills on an epson bubblejet for a few years.  if the printer was
idle for a couple of weeks, the ink would congeal and i'd have to clean to
printhead (cotton swap, alcohol, five minutes). other than that, the ink worked
as well as the original.

thru the mists of time, Robert P. Sarao said:
Has anyone had any luck with the ink refills.. I have a canon and I would
like to try it out if they are ok to use...

At 06:53 PM 3/7/2002 -0500, Robert L Krawitz wrote:
>    From: "dan moylan" <jdm34 at>
>    Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 21:50:53 UT
>    not truly a linux topic, but related to a non windows OS (i think).
>I'm actually an expert (at least in general) on Epson printers, and
>the project lead for Gimp-print.
>    i have an epson 777 printer which cost about $80, including both
>    the color and black cartridges, which seem to retail for about $30
>    each.  common sense would tell me i got a reasonable deal on the
>    printer and am getting screwed on the replacement cartridges.  i
>    have replaced both cartridges several times with no apparent
>    problem except annoyance at the price.
>I'm not sure offhand if the 777 uses a chipped cartridge.  If it does,
>simply refilling the cartridge won't work.
>    however, at a recent kgp show i bought both a non epson
>    replacement cartridge and some inks for refills.  carefully
>    following the directions (obviously written by an ESL person)
>    for refilling the black cartridge (an epson which had just
>    run out) looked ok at first.  i got one page printed just
>    fine, and then the blinking red light.  turning the printer
>    off and back on produced lots of noise and action.  the
>    paper fed, a half line of gibberish on each sheet, and on
>    and on . . .
>Turning the printer on and off in the middle of a job won't work.  The
>data stream will be interrupted, and when you turn the printer back
>on, the printer won't understand what's coming out, and will treat it
>as text, with the results you've seen.
>    i then tried the replacement non-epson cartridge with exactly the
>    same results.  i did notice in the instructions with the cartridge,
>    some notes on what to do for certain error messages (non oem
>    cartridge, etc).  the linux driver seems not to support printer
>    auxilliary functions, such as cleaning the print head, buttons for
>    ok'ing non oem cartridges, etc.
>Which driver are you using?  Gimp-print supports print head cleaning
>(which you can do with a button on the printer, anyway), and head

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