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ink cartridge refills

I am not sure about how others feel, but I have an HP Deskjet and with the 
pain in the but process that is involved in refilling the cartridges, it is 
worthit to buy them instead.  I tried once, but it just didn't work.  If you 
have an HP printer, I suggest sticking to new cartridges.


>From: "Robert P. Sarao" <sarao at>
>To: Robert L Krawitz <rlk at>, jdm34 at
>CC: discuss at
>Subject: Re: ink cartridge refills
>Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 22:07:08 -0500
>Has anyone had any luck with the ink refills.. I have a canon and I would
>like to try it out if they are ok to use...
>At 06:53 PM 3/7/2002 -0500, Robert L Krawitz wrote:
>>    From: "dan moylan" <jdm34 at>
>>    Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 21:50:53 UT
>>    not truly a linux topic, but related to a non windows OS (i think).
>>I'm actually an expert (at least in general) on Epson printers, and
>>the project lead for Gimp-print.
>>    i have an epson 777 printer which cost about $80, including both
>>    the color and black cartridges, which seem to retail for about $30
>>    each.  common sense would tell me i got a reasonable deal on the
>>    printer and am getting screwed on the replacement cartridges.  i
>>    have replaced both cartridges several times with no apparent
>>    problem except annoyance at the price.
>>I'm not sure offhand if the 777 uses a chipped cartridge.  If it does,
>>simply refilling the cartridge won't work.
>>    however, at a recent kgp show i bought both a non epson
>>    replacement cartridge and some inks for refills.  carefully
>>    following the directions (obviously written by an ESL person)
>>    for refilling the black cartridge (an epson which had just
>>    run out) looked ok at first.  i got one page printed just
>>    fine, and then the blinking red light.  turning the printer
>>    off and back on produced lots of noise and action.  the
>>    paper fed, a half line of gibberish on each sheet, and on
>>    and on . . .
>>Turning the printer on and off in the middle of a job won't work.  The
>>data stream will be interrupted, and when you turn the printer back
>>on, the printer won't understand what's coming out, and will treat it
>>as text, with the results you've seen.
>>    i then tried the replacement non-epson cartridge with exactly the
>>    same results.  i did notice in the instructions with the cartridge,
>>    some notes on what to do for certain error messages (non oem
>>    cartridge, etc).  the linux driver seems not to support printer
>>    auxilliary functions, such as cleaning the print head, buttons for
>>    ok'ing non oem cartridges, etc.
>>Which driver are you using?  Gimp-print supports print head cleaning
>>(which you can do with a button on the printer, anyway), and head
>>Robert Krawitz <rlk at>
>>Tall Clubs International  -- or 1-888-IM-TALL-2
>>Member of the League for Programming Freedom -- mail lpf at
>>Project lead for Gimp Print/stp --
>>"Linux doesn't dictate how I work, I dictate how Linux works."
>>--Eric Crampton
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