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Digital Camers WRT: Smart Media vs. CF media

Be aware that the rotating storage CF cards are of a different type of CF card (I vs. II?).  Some cameras do, and some don't recognize them.  If more than 256MB is an issue, check to be sure the camera you are interested in using can use the rotating cards.


mike ledoux
> On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 01:38:07PM -0500, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> > I will be purchasing a new Digital Camera before this summer rolls around. 
> > While I have not decided on any one brand, friends have recommended
> > both Olympus, which uses Smart Media, and HP Photosmart which uses
> > compact flash. I have decided against Sony, although it uses diskettes. 
> If you're comparing Olympus and HP, I think you'll find that the Olympus
> cameras give you *much* better image quality for the same price range.
> Frankly, the lenses HP uses in their digital cameras suck.  Depending on
> what you're planning to use the camera for, you should probably also
> consider Canon and Nikon cameras, although I've heard that the newer
> Nikon cameras are disappointing compared to their older models.
> > I am leaning toward CF because my IPaQ has a CF sleeve, not that it
> > makes much of a difference. My laptop runs Linux, and I will be taking
> > that with me, so I do want to be able to at least look at and possibly
> > download the pictures onto the laptop.
> How often do you plan to share media between the camera and the IPaQ?
> I'm guessing that probably won't happen very often.  The real disadvantage
> of Smart Media is that the size is limited.  The largest SM card I've ever
> seen is 128MB; if larger cards are available, they must be quite rare.
> With CF, you can use an IBM microdrive if you want a lot of storage.
> Depending on how you're planning on using the camrea, this may not be
> an issue.  Note that some of the Olympus models have both SM and CF slots.
> > So, one question is, how compatable are these cameras with Linux when
> > downloading via USB?
> My Olympus 3030Z works just fine over USB with Linux and gPhoto2.
> Downloading images from the camera under Linux is noticably faster than
> the same operation under Windows, on the same hardware.
> Newer Olympus models can also be mounted directly using the usb-storage
> interface, so you can manipulate the files using standard unix commands.
> Mine doesn't support this, so I can't comment on how well it works.
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