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Digital Camers WRT: Smart Media vs. CF media

Interesting. My right margin is set to 76. (At least I'm not using Outlook :-). I should be sending 
plain text only also.

Probably not much with the IPaQ unless I bring it with me on my trip. 
However, some CFs are not microdrive compatible. 

One of my co-workers just bought an Olympus C-3020 and another bought the HP photosmart 
618 (eg. Pentax El-200). 

On 18 Mar 2002 at 14:13, mike ledoux wrote:

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> Jerry:  Your mailer is sending too long lines (>80 characters), and
> seems to have lost your .sig delimiter.  You might want to fix your
> configuration.
> On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 01:38:07PM -0500, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> > I will be purchasing a new Digital Camera before this summer rolls around. 
> > While I have not decided on any one brand, friends have recommended
> > both Olympus, which uses Smart Media, and HP Photosmart which uses
> > compact flash. I have decided against Sony, although it uses diskettes. 
> If you're comparing Olympus and HP, I think you'll find that the Olympus
> cameras give you *much* better image quality for the same price range.
> Frankly, the lenses HP uses in their digital cameras suck.  Depending on
> what you're planning to use the camera for, you should probably also
> consider Canon and Nikon cameras, although I've heard that the newer
> Nikon cameras are disappointing compared to their older models.
> > I am leaning toward CF because my IPaQ has a CF sleeve, not that it
> > makes much of a difference. My laptop runs Linux, and I will be taking
> > that with me, so I do want to be able to at least look at and possibly
> > download the pictures onto the laptop.
> How often do you plan to share media between the camera and the IPaQ?
> I'm guessing that probably won't happen very often.  The real disadvantage
> of Smart Media is that the size is limited.  The largest SM card I've ever
> seen is 128MB; if larger cards are available, they must be quite rare.
> With CF, you can use an IBM microdrive if you want a lot of storage.
> Depending on how you're planning on using the camrea, this may not be
> an issue.  Note that some of the Olympus models have both SM and CF slots.
> > So, one question is, how compatable are these cameras with Linux when
> > downloading via USB?
> My Olympus 3030Z works just fine over USB with Linux and gPhoto2.
> Downloading images from the camera under Linux is noticably faster than
> the same operation under Windows, on the same hardware.
> Newer Olympus models can also be mounted directly using the usb-storage
> interface, so you can manipulate the files using standard unix commands.
> Mine doesn't support this, so I can't comment on how well it works.
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