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Benefits of owning a domain (was Re: Cross Yahoo off the list of free e-mail services!)

On 21 Mar 2002, Mark Komarinski wrote:

=>I have ATTBI/M1/Comcast cable modem and am using TZO.COM as the DNS
=>provider for  All of (web, e-mail, etc) is sitting
=>in my basement along with a client that hits TZO with my current IP
=>address.  If ATT changes my IP address, it will get registered with TZO
=>within the hour.
=>On the down side, it's $60/yr for the DNS services, plus whatever
=>extortion^W fees netsol charges for the domain.
I'm on RCN cablemodem. To get my domain working, I use the following:

* as my DNS provider. In addition, they also act 
  as my secondary mx record. Total cost for DNS is free. Cost for the mail 
  backup service is $10/year.

* ddclient to update zoneedit.

* dhcpcd. (Do *not* use pump. Use rpm -e pump)

* And the purcahse of the domain from godaddy was only 9/year. 


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