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Forwarding ssh?

I have a question about using xinetd to forward ssh to another IP

At home I have a single static IP address that is the DSL box and
behind that everything is NATed.  Recently I have been playing with
getting the configuration right on a replacement basement server.
Until I get it swapped in (currently multilog is crapping out and
preventing dnscache from working properly...) I am trying to figure
out how to tell xinetd on my old machine (the one that gets all
incoming connections) to forward ssh connections to the new box I am
working on.

Here is what I have added to my xinetd.conf:

  service highssh
  	type			= UNLISTED
  	port			= 1919
  	protocol		= tcp
  	wait			= no
  	socket_type 		= stream
  	user 			= root
  	log_on_success		= HOST PID
  	log_on_failure		= HOST
  	disable			= no
  	redirect		= 19

Yes, the other sshd is running on port 19, and it doesn't work.

Am I doing something wrong with the configuring of xientd, or does ssh
have some tricky aspects when it comes to forwarding?



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