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Forwarding ssh?

On Thu, Mar 28, 2002 at 10:15:25AM -0500, Kent Borg wrote:
> I have a question about using xinetd to forward ssh to another IP
> address.

I solved my problem.  Turns out I have blocked ports from my ISP and
needed to put my forwarding ssh on something open.  Slight other catch
is that (at least in RH 7.2) if a host's ssh key changes ssh won't let
you login.  Well, because the forwarding port is actually going to a
different machine than the non-forwarding ssh, it looks like the key
is changing from one port to the other and I need to delete the cached
key each time I try to log into the other ssh.  (I presume I could use
some ssh switches to get around it, but haven't figured it out yet.)

Speaking of ISPs, it is getting to be more and more of a pain that blocks so many ports, they don't block the main mail or web
ports, but it is still annoying.  I don't think they do this out of
spite, it think it is because they have something set up wrong and
don't know it.

Other than the obvious Speakeasy, what are some other good DSL
providers I might consider switching to?  (Standard requests: static
IP or three, no port blocking, allows servers, reliable, savvy phone
folks, good price.)



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