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Installing X

I just installed the RPMs w/o deps and it still doesn't work. I'll play 
around with it this weekend. Thanks for your help.


At 11:00 AM 5/3/02 -0400, Matthew J. Brodeur wrote:
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>On Fri, 3 May 2002, Drew Taylor wrote:
> > Well, I did DL & try the RPMs first. :-) But they had several dependencies
> > I could not resolve: libXaw3d, and kernel-drm(?) I noticed that the 2.4.9
> > kernel RPM solved the kernel-??? dependency, but I could not figure out 
> the
> > libXaw3d thing. I don't need anything fancy now as the server has a 1MB
> > Mach64 video card in it (can you say 800x600x16 bit?).
>    It might be safe to ignore both dependencies (--nodeps to rpm), or you
>could install the Xaw3d and kernel RPMs.  IIRC, you would get no benefit
>from having DRM (Direct Rendering Manager, I think) in place anyway, and X
>will just disable DRI if it doesn't detect the capability in the kernel.
>Xaw3d, OTOH, might be nice to have.  From the package description:
>* Xaw3d is an enhanced version of the MIT Athena Widget set for
>* the X Window System.
>* You should install Xaw3d if you are using applications which incorporate
>* the MIT Athena widget set and you'd like to incorporate a 3D look into
>* those applications.
>    I'm not quite sure how applications would behave if they expected
>Xaw3d and it wasn't there.  A quick look at its requirements seems to
>indicate that it would install without causing further problems.
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>      -Matt
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