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USB / Iopener Question

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On Mon, 6 May 2002, Jon wrote:

> It currently has Redhat 7.2 with a home-brew 2.4.17 kernel and a linksys
> USB nic.  
> The kernel picks up the nic in the dmesg, but it doesn't assign the nic to
> eth0 or start the networking services.  If I try to restart the network
> services after it has booted ifconfig complains that there is no such
> thing as eth0.  
> Once the computer has fully booted, if I unplug the nic and plug it back
> in  again, the network comes up and everything works like a champ.  

   Just a guess, but does you home-brew kernel have have USB support built 
statically (ie, non-modular)?  If it does, the RH init scripts see that 
the usb-controller driver is loaded and assume everything is already taken 
care of.  That is, the init scripts don't even try to load the device 
support modules at boot time.  Re-plugging the device after boot will 
force the usb subsystem to load the appropriate driver(s).
   I ran into this issue with USB mouse on my laptop.  The solution is to 
either hack up the USB detection in the rc.[something] script, or rebuild 
your kernel with the USB controller as a module.  I chose the second 
option, as it makes upgrading much cleaner.

   Speaking of upgrading, Valhalla (Red Hat Linux 7.3) is available for 
download starting today.

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