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Geeks and Finance Seminar

First of all, I want to thank Jerry and everyone else who came to last 
month's BLU meeting.  I had a fantastic time and received some great 
ideas... I just wish I could have worn my FSF "floating gnu" t-shirt and not 
a tie. :)

If you want me to talk with you personally about your situation, drop me an 
e-mail at lucas.c.wagner AT aexp DOT com or give me a call at 781-684-3743.

As I touched on at the meeting, I'm building a workshop/seminar about geeks 
and finance.  Since I'm the only financial planner in the area who is a geek 
and tech user, I wanted to develop something that is relevant to us as geeks 
and answers our questions.. particularly as regards to the tech industry and 
job market right now.

These are actual questions I've compiled.

Some areas so far:
1.  Can I save for retirement as a 1099 contractor?
2.  What is a 401(k) and why should I not overuse it?
3.  What happens to my 401(k) if my previous employer goes bankrupt?
4.  What happens if I'm disabled and I'm between employers?
5.  What are the penalties for using my qualified (e.g., retirement) money 
in times of hardship?
6.  Why isn't having two different IRAs with two different custodians (e.g., 
banks or other financial institutions) being "diversified"?
7.  What happens if my IRA custodian goes bankrupt?

I'd like some feedback about what you want to know about your money; if it 
is personal in nature, drop me an e-mail.  Give me some hard questions, 
particularly if you have hangups on certain issues.  I'll also try to 
include the "Pros and Cons of Indexing" since a lot of people these days 
don't understand what indexing is and what it isn't.

When I've compiled the results, I'd like to put on a meeting to answer them 
all... give it a debugging.  It'll be fun... plus I'll cater in some food. 


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