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Wanna go to a computer show?

On Mon, 13 May 2002, Rob Ransbottom wrote:

> On Sat, 11 May 2002, David Kramer wrote:
> > I'm looking to build a new hellafastmegasystem, and am 90% sure I'm going 
> I'm curious as to what is a hellafastmegasystem these days.  

I was just joking.  I'm not looking to melt a hole in the floor, but I do 
want to do video editing, and I want to be satisfied with this one for a 
few years.  This machine will be my Windows box for now, but probably 
become a Linux box at some point.

The AMD chips are creaping up on 2Ghz, but now both AMD and Intel are 
trying to get the public to realize that raw clock speed is not the best 
indicator of how fast a chip will be in daily use.  Most comparisons I've 
seen show the AMD chips MUCH faster per dollar, so I'll prolly go that 
way.  Plus the whole Pentium serial number thing just pissed me off.

Having learned my lesson after compromising too much on my existing 
Windows box (a Athlon 650 when 850s just became available), I'll probably 
get an AMD Athlon 1.3Ghz or maybe the one after that depending on the 
price bands.

I will probably stay with 40GB 7200RPM IDE for the main drive for
simplicity, but definitely throw some POS <1GB drive in for swap, as this
is supposed to really speed things up.  I may even buy two 20GB drives 
instead of one 40GB for even better performance.

I don't do gaming, but want very clean hi-res X, so I'll probably go for a 
Matrox G400 or the like. 16MB should be enough.

> > to this show.  Was anyone planning to go, or interested in going?  I've 
> > never been to a show by them before, or at this location, so company 
> I've been to several Northern shows in So. New England.  Fall River,
> Swansea, Raynham, probably others that I forget.
> Northern seems to live by targeting the smaller markets.  Vendors
> are not coming from NJ.
> The KGP shows are larger and more competitive, I'd hold out
> for the next KGP show.  Late June, I believe.

I may have to also.  Family issues may prevent me from going to the 
Saturday show.

> > DKK D           Do you want polite or do you want sincere?
> Both.  Is that a problem?

For you, I'll make an exception.

DDDD   David Kramer                 
DKK D  As a SysAdmin, yes, I CAN read your e-mail, 
DK KD  but I DON'T get that bored!

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