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gethotbyname error continued

[Frank Ramsay: Tue, Jun 18, 2002 at 07:52:38PM +0000]
> It is hitting gethostbyname (I put in printfs to be sure sure) and I tried 
> changing the sethostent(0) to sethostent(1) and it didn't help
> I've discovered that it stops working on the 1022n'd call _every time_
> (I removed the sleep in the main loop to get it to run faster) And that is 
> very strange and I'm wondering if it's a bug in the library itself.


you're running out of filedescriptors..

you do socket() to open a connection but you never do a close()...

gethostbyname() can't get a fd (which it needs to open() /etc/hosts)
because they're all in use by your sockets.

you aren't using all those sockets - close them.


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