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gethotbyname error continued

endhostent() should take care of that. 
It's kind of too bad that Purify has not been ported to Linux. Purify would 
be able to tell you that very quickly, but ....

You could test this theory, by 
----- code snippet----
	fd = open("/etc/hosts", O_RDONLY);
	if (fd < 0) {
		/*  you are probably out of fds ****/
---- end -----

While the number of open file descriptors is a tunable parameter, 
increasing that only will delay the inevitable. 
On 18 Jun 2002 at 15:56, Patrick R. McManus wrote:
> you're running out of filedescriptors..
> you do socket() to open a connection but you never do a close()...
> gethostbyname() can't get a fd (which it needs to open() /etc/hosts)
> because they're all in use by your sockets.
> you aren't using all those sockets - close them.

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