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FYI: UnitedLinux "certified binaries" will not to be freely available

On Mon, 2002-06-24 at 19:23, Bill Bogstad wrote:


> restrict copying on bits that they wrote themselves.  If he's talking
> about individual GPLed packages though, I think there may be a legal
> problem here.  The issue is whether the following clause from the GPL
> applies to binaries based on GPLed sources.  It would seem that way to
> me, but IANAL...

  NAIAL, but, IMNSHO, judging from the quote from Mr. Love, this is a
blatant violation of the GPL (if, as you say, he's talking about
restricting the distribution rights on individual binaries).  I hope the
FSF is following this closely.  (I'd actually be quite surprised if it
wasn't.)  There's obviously nothing to enforce just yet, since nothing
is yet available re United Linux.  But better to start talks now so a
legal mess is avoided later.

NAIAL=Neither Am I A Lawyer :-)
-Paul Iadonisi
 Senior System Administrator
 Red Hat Certified Engineer / Local Linux Lobbyist
 Ever see a penguin fly?  --  Try Linux.
 GPL all the way: Sell services, don't lease secrets

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